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Amboy Restaurant offers a menu

Our Restaurant offers the perfect place with the perfect menu to fit any occasion at a reasonable budget.

House Special
  • WAKAY GARDEN SALAD * – Our locally sourced vegetables tossed in homemade vinaigrette topped with baked sweet potato, local almonds and cheese. Php 400.00
  • VUNES – Sautéed dried taro stalks and chopped octopus in fresh coconut milk. Php 400.00
  • SINIGANG NA HIPON * Famous Filipino sour soup with shrimps and vegetables. Php 400.00
  • TINOLANG MANOK * Native chicken in ginger broth with green papaya and malunggay. Php 400.00
  • ADOBONG MARIDA * Marida or forest snails with ginger, soy sauce and ground pepper corns. Php 400.00
  • GRILLED PORK Spice-Rubbed pork, lightly oiled on the grill.Php 380.00
  • BEEF STEAK Organic beef in soy sauce and native wine marinade, sautéed in slices of onion.Php 350.00
  • ISDANG PAKSIW SA GATA * Seasoned Tuna / Tanigue simmered in native sugarcane vinegar and coconut milk. Php 400.00
  • MIXED VEGETABLES – Stir-fried mixed organic vegetables with button mushroom in oyster sauce. Php 300.00
  • PAKÔ SALAD – Blanched fiddlehead ferns with slices of fresh tomatoes and onion in homemade vinaigrette dressing. Php 280.00
  • BLANCHED VEGETABLES Organic backyard vegetables includes okra, string beans, eggplant, bitter gourd and camote tops. Served with fish paste and tomato-calamondin salsa. Php 320.00
  • AMPALAYA CON KARNE Sautéed bitter gourd and pork in oyster sauce. Php 300.00
  • GINATAANG KALABASA Home grown string beans and squash simmered in fresh coconut milk and some malunggay leaves on top.Php 280.00
  • GRILLED PORK Spice-Rubbed pork, lightly oiled on the grill.Php 380.00
  • A LA PINAKBET Filipino vegetable stew composed of eggplant, okra, squash, string beans and bitter gourd cooked in shrimp paste.Php 320.00
  • SEAWEED SOUP * Seaweed boiled in fish stock with tomato and ginger strips.Php 350.00
  • PLAIN RICE ————————-Php 30.00/cup
  • GARLIC FRIED RICE ————————-Php 40.00/cup
  • GARLIC FRIED RICE ————————-Php 120.00/platter
  • TURMERIC RICE ————————-Php 120.00/platter
Main Course
  • LUÑIS Slow-cooked native pork preserved in its own fat.Php 380.00
  • PORK SINIGANG Sour broth was introduced to native pork in medium heat to extract its natural flavor with added vegetables.Php 400.00
  • FRIED CHICKEN Locally sourced deep-fried seasoned chicken.Php 350.00
  • BARBECUE CHICKEN Marinated in fresh turmeric, lightly oiled on the grill.Php 400.00
  • BULALO Stewed beef shank soup seasoned using fresh herbs and ground pepper corns carefully served with fresh picked vegetables.Php 400.00
  • PIKADILYO Commonly seen on Ivatan tables, pikadilyo is sautéed ground beef in ginger and turmeric. Php 350.00
  • SWEET AND SOUR FISH * Pan fried snapper/grouper in muscovado and local vinegar-based sauce with strips of fresh carrots and bell pepper. Php 350.00
  • GRILLED FISH * Dry rubbed today’s catch Tuna / Tanigue and sprinkled with calamondin on the grill. Php 350.00
  • FISH STEAK * Pan Seared Tuna / Tanigue marinated in soya sauce and calamondin. Php 350.00
Short Order
  • Bihon —————————–Php 280.00
  • Canton —————————–Php 280.00
  • Mixed Bihon & Canton —————————–Php 280.00
  • PASTA MUSHROOM Button Mushrooms sautéed with white sauce and fresh herbs. Php 250.00
  • TUNA BASIL PASTA It’s a tuna pasta sautéed with fresh tomato and basil. Parmesan cheese on the side. Php 290.00
  • SWEET POTATO FRIES Deep fried fresh cut sweet potato. Served with caramel and tartar sauce. Php 250.00

When in Batanes, always remember that most of the restaurants are only open during specific time and require advanced orders. You may call them directly or coordinate with your tour guide so that they could arrange it and you won’t have to worry about being hungry with no place to eat after a long day of touring Batanes. Dining in Batanes is certainly a food trip you will never forget. Ivatan way of cooking is simple. Ivatan food normally use locally harvested ingredients since other spices are not grown and available in the province